Citris Serret S.L is a company speclialized in citrus, with a particular focus on taste. Our strenght is Quality rather than Quantity, assuring however the continuity of our lines during the whole season.

We produce, pack and  comercialize 9.000.000 kg of citrus. During the summer season we export 2,500,0000 kg of stone fruit, taking advantage of our strategic position between Valencia and Lérida.

Our warehouse is situated in Bitem (Tarragona) and thanks to our new depot only 1 km away, we will be increasing our production the next years. We have 3 premium brands: Citrics Serret, Oiseau and Compass.


Our philosophy



Every season is different. It is important to pack each variety at the appropriate moment.


Internal Quality is our compromise and therefor we pack the fruits directly from the field. We believe that the commitment of fresh tasty fruits, depends mainly of the picking process; harvesting the appropriate variety at the adequate moment of ripeness.


We assure the continuity of our products during the whole season, independently of the weather conditions. Our fields located in different production areas helps us to do so.


Our global vision on the market enables us to detect and fulfill immediately the needs of our customers.


We work 100% under the GlobalGAP Certifications, following the quality standards on the field and during the packing process. We offer to our consumers a full transparency regarding the origen of the fruits, thanks to our strict traceability system.

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